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A Better Computer  Service  Company


The company was established 2003. I, the owner, have over 25 years of experience as a Electronics Technician, troubleshooting down to component level. I have 20 plus years building and troubleshooting computers and networks.
I am an on site (mobile) computer and network service company. I provide on site spy ware and ad ware removal, virus removal and troubleshoot and repair hardware and software related issues. I also provide installation and repair of wired and wireless networks.



Paul Abramowicz

Computer and Electronics Technician


The Philosophy

*** Honest personable service at a reasonable rate.

*** I strive to make the best decisions for my customers.

*** Take care of the customers and they will take care of you is my motto.

*** I emphasize providing high-quality products and services to my customers in a professional and efficient manner.

*** I only partner with reputable manufacturers and suppliers, so I have confidence in the products that are sold and services that are offered.